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Seeon Cloister



There are many places in “Altbaiern” where local beauty and culture go hand in hand. Often these are cloisters.

The monks realised the potential of these areas more than 1000 years ago and built their abbeys there.

In 994 Pfalzgraf Aribo 1st founded a Benedictine monastery on the idyllic Seeon Lake –the small brother of Lake Chimsee.

The house survived good and bad times until, in 1803, it became a victim of Secularisation when it was neglected and fell into the hands of a number of private owners.

Finally in the year 1986 the District of Upper Bavaria stepped in and renovated the monastery setting up a cultural / educational centre and also a conference hotel.

So, as in the days of the Benedictine monks, this is once again the site of both culture and hospitality